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Roll On Perfume

Roll On Perfume

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  • ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil. (A very light oil that absorbs quickly without leaving you feeling greasy)
  • size: 10 ml
  • handmade in Wisconsin

We use Apricot Kernel Oil as the base for our perfumes. It's a very light oil and is easily absorbed into the skin. It's a natural antioxidant and works well for people with sensitive skin. 

This 10ml tube fits nicely in your pocket. Great to keep in your purse, gym bag, desk, etc.  Available in 8 scents.


Troubadour :: Delicate spice with notes of pink pepper, saffron, tobacco flower and a hint of citrus. Popular with men but definitely unisex.

High Quality Fragrance Oil. 


Urban Hippie ::

Lavender, Patchouli, Lime - Our all time best selling scent, 

​Urban Hippie is the perfect mix of clean, sweet and earthy.

Lavender and Lime Essential Oils, High Quality Fragrance Oil.

Gypsy Rose :: 

Floral and mysterious, this scent has notes of neroli and rose.

High Quality Fragrance Oil.


Patchouli :: 

An earthy, classic patchouli. Suitable for men or women.

Patchouli Essential Oil.


Lovesick ::

Tropical & sweet! A perfect girly scent.

Orange Essential Oil and High Quality Fragrance Oil.


Dharma ::

A complex blend of more than six essential oils. Patchouli and orange base with notes of lavender, pine and gardenia. 

Essential Oils & High Quality Fragrance Oil (1%).


No Coast ::

Beachy & fresh! Sweet pineapple, coconut and sunshine. 

High Quality Fragrance Oil.


Wanderlust ::

Herbaceous bergamot with notes of mandarin, lemon and vanilla. 

Essential Oils & High Quality Fragrance Oil.