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Candle - Soy - Hold my Beer - 9oz

Candle - Soy - Hold my Beer - 9oz

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We all have a friend who his applies to.  The friend with the most visits to the ER, the party animal and dare devil (with a little liquid courage).

Candle Reads - "Hold my Beer and watch this!" {Smells like trouble!} "Famous last words before another trip to the E.R.Lil Bit "  For more unique gifts, shop around Lil Bit Local!

Scent Profile: This fragrance offers a rich base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood well balanced by lively notes of amber, wood and musk notes.

  • materials: 100% soy wax, all natural cotton wick
  • burn time: approximately 80+ hours
  • handmade in Illinois