'Granny's Vase' Acrylic Painting - 8x10

'Granny's Vase' Acrylic Painting - 8x10

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  • materials: canvas, acryllic paint
  • dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • painted in New York

Inspired by Sue's Granny, this sentimental piece brings Sue back to her childhood.  Sue can still see Granny mixing the dough, and smell the poppy seeds from her infamous raising bread at Christmas time as she would look past this vase from the other side of the counter.  Sue used to help her Granny pick and sort the flowers this vase held with her Granny.  

Sue created this piece by muting the brown and white background, adding a smoky area around the Vase filled with purple Irises, one of Granny's favorites.  

Sue has been diagnosed with Stargardt's disease.  Stargardt's generally refers to a group of inherited diseases causing light-sensitive cells in the inner back of the eye (retina) to deteriorate, particularly in the area of the macula where fine focusing occurs. Central vision loss also occurs, while peripheral vision usually is retained.  She decided to pick up a paintbrush 3 years ago, and hasn't stopped!

Please note: what you receive is an actual painting, which means the piece may vary from what is pictured here.  Each piece is one of a kind.  Some of the elements may vary in size, count and color.  

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