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"Absinthe" Felted Soap - 4oz
"Absinthe" Felted Soap - 4oz

"Absinthe" Felted Soap - 4oz

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  • scent profile: fragrance and essential oil blend that has a warm scent of cinnamon, spice, and a touch of pine.  
  • materials: Vegetable based glycerine, 100% sheeps wool.
  • benefits: All Natural.  No parabens.  No sulfates.  Dye free.  Sooths skin, never leaves your skin dried out. Eco friendly!  The sheeps wool acts as a natural exfoliator, eliminating the use of plastic scrubbies. 
  • handmade, hand dyed in York, Pennsylvania. 
  • size: 4.5 oz.

What is felted soap you ask? 
It's a washcloth and soap in one. The soap is inside the wool. Felted soap works as a gentle exfoliator because the wool acts as a built in scrubby , cutting out the "washcloth" middle man. Wool is 100% sheep's wool and is anti-bacterial & anti fungal, sourced from cruelty free farms in the USA. The felt wool shrinks with the soap and stays on the soap for as long as you use it. A bar of felted soap, if used daily, will last for 2-3 months.

*Please note, the appearance of the wool will vary slightly, due to the unique felting process.  Directions are on label.
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